Positive quote of the day on your desktop.
Every morning.


WiseMorning is a Windows application that displays a "positive quote of the day" every time your computer starts. Optionally, it can do so only on first Windows startup of each day.

There will be three editions of WiseMorning:

  • Lite Edition - has limited functionality (i. e. limited number of built-in quotes of the day), is free and already available for downloading below.
  • Standard Edition - fully-functional, 365 built-in positive quotes of day, for every day in a year. It is not developed yet (more on that below).
  • Advanced Edition - fully-functional and highly customizable. 365 built-in positive quotes of the day as well, plus the ability to use custom lists of quotes and to change fonts, text color and the background image. It is not developed yet (more on that below).

All main features of the three editions are described in Features section.

The Standard and Advanced editions will be developed only if we receive enough positive feedback for the free Lite Edition.

In other words, the future of the fully-functional editions depends on you and your votes in our short survey below.

If you would like to obtain a fully-functional edition of WiseMorning in the near future, please vote for it by answering three simple questions below. This will probably take no more than 1 minute.


Click here to download the free WiseMorning Lite Edition. The file size is less than 1 megabyte. There are no additional downloads during installation.


Please take this short survey to help us make better decisions regarding the future of Standard and Advanced editions of WiseMorning.


The features of WiseMorning Lite Edition include:

  • Automatic launch on Windows startup.
  • 10 built-in positive quotes of the day.
  • Customizable font size for the quotes and quote signatures.
  • Ability to close the application window automatically after displaying the quote of the day for a specific number of seconds.
  • Ability to limit the number of automatic launches to once a day (can be handy if you start and/or reboot your computer multiple times a day).

The features of WiseMorning Standard Edition (future) will include all features of Lite Edition and

  • The number of built-in positive quotes of the day will be increased to 365, for the whole year.

The features of WiseMorning Advanced Edition (future) will include all features of Standard Edition, plus:

  • Ability to use custom lists of positive quotes of the day, up to 10000 in one list.
  • Ability to manually change the order of quotes in the list.
  • Scheduling capabilities, allowing to launch the application on specific date and time, displaying a specific quote.
  • Customizable fonts.
  • Customizable text color for the quotes and quote signatures.
  • Customizable background for the application window (solid, texture or arbitrary image from an image file of your choice).

System requirements for all editions of WiseMorning:
Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10


The main window of WiseMorning Lite Edition with a positive quote of the day is shown below. The window positions itself in the center of your screen. For Lite Edition, you can change font size for the quote itself and for the signature.